Yggdrasill (2019 - Now)

A library for the procedural generation of world maps.

WebGL, GitLab
1 programmer
C++17, OpenGL ES, GLFW

Yggdrasill is a library and toolkit for the procedural generation and visualization of game worlds that I'm currently working on (planing/ early prototyping phase).

PhaseShifter (2019)

Crypt of the NecroDancer meets Enter The Gungeon.

Download, GitLab
6 days
4 programmers, 1 artist
C++17 with Mirrage-Engine

A turn based bullet-hell shooter that is controlled with a single button. Slice through hordes of enemies while dodging an endless stream of bullets. You're a lighting fast angle of death ... if you can keep up with the beat.

Mirrage (2017 - Now)

A Vulkan based 3D renderer and simple game engine featuring screen space global illumination.

GitLab, Thesis
2+ years
1 programmer
C++17, Vulkan, SDL2

Mirrage (Mirrage Indirect Radiance Renderer And Game Engine) is a Vulkan-based deferred renderer with bits and pieces of a simple game engine. It has been developed as part of my CS Bachelor's thesis focussing on screen-space global illumination in 2017.


  • Deferred renderer
  • Skeletal animations
  • Easily extensible data oriented entity component system
  • Diffuse and specular global Illumination with screen space ray-tracing
  • GPGPU particles
  • Weight base order independent transparency
  • Depth of field
  • Visibility matching tone mapping based on histogram equalization

Shhhinobi (2017)

Shhh! You're a Ninja and no one can see you – but so is everyone else. At least until you move!

GGJ17, GitHub, AirConsole (WebGL)
48+ hours
2 programmers, 2 artists

A party arena platformer for up to 8 players in which everyone is invisible until they move. Initially, it was developed during the 2017 Global Game Jam.

Later we extend and polished that prototype and adapted the control scheme for AirConsole, so it can be played in the browser using a smartphones as a controller.

Magnum Opus (2015)

Collect and combine raw elements to unleash the forces of nature against your foes in this 2D Zombie Shooter.

WebGL, GitHub
3 months
2 programmers
C++14, OpenGL, SDL2

A 2D twin-stick shooter in which you collect and combine elements for stronger attacks. This was my first larger game project and has been developed as part of a team project withing the scope of my Bachelor's degree.


  • Complex combat system with interactions between 5 different elements
  • OpenGL, SDL and C++ based 2D engine written from scratch
  • Online highscore list
  • Procedural level generation