Hi! My name is Florian Oetke. I’m a C++ programmer with a passion for engine architecture and game design. Currently, I am a CS student at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

My professional experience lies in enterprise application development (mostly search-engines and document analysis with JavaEE). I also dabbled a bit in game design but my main interest is game/engine/graphics programming and C++ in general.

I’ve worked on a couple of small to medium sized games as part of my semester/hobby/GameJam projects. Some of the more interesting ones I’ve listed here. My biggest private project to date probably is my pet-engine Mirrage. I’ve started this project as a way to wrap my head around the Vulkan API. Over time – and (mostly) through my Bachelor’s thesis – it evolved into an actual renderer. Ever since, it has grown through some semester and GameJam projects into a semi-usable game engine.

Fueled by some of my work in graphics programming and a passion for RPGs, I’ve also developed an interest in procedural content generation. The most interesting aspect to me is the potential of game world generation and interactive generation/adaption of stories. This let me to my newest playground-project Yggdrasill. This project is still in an early planning/prototyping phase, but my goal is to attempt to generate realistic world-maps based on physical simulations and artistic input.

If you would like to get in touch just send me an e-mail, contact me through Xing or have a look at my projects on GitLab or GitHub.


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